FARMAKOEKONOMIKA. Modern Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology

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Vol 5, No 1 (2012)


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Cost of illness is one of the basic methods of pharmacoeconomical estimation and in substance consists in calculation of the expenses connected any given disease, without notice of effectiveness of therapy. Cost of illness analysis is a useful tool for effective planning of distribution of economical recourses of public health services at all levels of management for various diseases. Despite of seeming to the nonprofessional in this sphere simplicity of carrying out of the cost of illness researches, the methodology of the given analysis represents difficult structure of consecutive actions, from a choice and observance of which the final results depends, and the choice of a source of the data often causes difficulties

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A properly conducted pharmacoeconomic study and its results are a new element in the body of evidence for drugs recently introduced into clinical practice. Utilization of pharmacoeconomic analysis results as a new instrument in pharmaceutical marketing lets marketing specialists know what information to convey to health care decision makers and how to bring this information full, correct, and easy to understand.

Russian Studies 

13-19 805

Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of treatment of the second and third lines of multiple myeloma with Revlimid in Russia was conducted. It has shown, that application of lenalidomide as a drug of choice in the treatment of multiple myeloma in second-line therapy and is preferable from the perspective of the health economics.

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Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of postsurgical infectious inflammatory complications prophylaxis with Tobradex (tobramycin+ dexamethasone) or Kombinil-Duo (ciprofloxacin + dexamethasone) in ophthalmic practice in Russia was conducted. It has shown, that prophylaxis with Tobradex is dominant compare with Kombinil-Duo, by the reason of lower value of cost-efficacy ratio, that was expressed at the cost of achieving of inflammatory signs absence by 1% of patients at 14 day after operation.


Economic Review 

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The necessity of modernization of the medical services market, which requires its structural and technological adjustment. Diagnostics of the major problems hindering the development of the medical services market. Identified non–price factors that affect consumer demand for medical services. Identified institutional characteristics of the functioning of the medical services market and the ways of its modernization.

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In article, it is noticed that the situation which has developed in Russia brightly illustrates interdependence of system manufacture – a society – environment. Infringement of one of components conducts to infringement of functioning of all system. At the moment there are some positions of principle concerning decision-making on maintenance of quality of environment

Drug Utilization 

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In Yaroslavl region the death rate and physical inability indicators caused by cardiovascular diseases (including an arterial hypertension) take a leading place and exceed average indicators in Russia. For effective preventive maintenance and treatment of the given pathology maintenance of all categories needing necessary medical products is very significant. In the conditions of refusal of the most part of the population of the free medicinal help according to Federal Law №178-ФЗ from 7/17/1999 the increasing loading on medicinal maintenance lays down on the regional budget. The analysis of dynamics of maintenance sick of an arterial hypertension at the expense of the regional budget for 2008-2011 has revealed expansion of structure of assortment according to the modern recommendations, essential increase in quantity and cost released antihypertensive drugs that are caused by decrease in average costof one prescription.

Foreign Experience 

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The article covers the key issues of local pharmaceutical production and ensuring of equitable access to essential medicines in the scopes of the UN «Millennium Development Goals». In particular, it presents the main activities of UN agencies, as well as the World Health Organization projects aimed at realization of human rights to health and development.


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VI congress with international participation «Development of pharmacoeconomics
and pharmacoepidemiology in Russian Federation», 28-29 of February, 2012, Krasnodar

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