FARMAKOEKONOMIKA. Modern Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology

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Vol 5, No 2 (2012)



9-12 1636

pharmacoeconomic cost-utility analysis – CUA is at third place by popularity (10% of studies) among studies of pharmacoeconomic analysis. Main stages of these trials are as follows: cost analysis, utility analysis and results assessment. Each of these stages may have impact on theend data reliability. The results of analysisis CUR coefficient (ICUR), reflecting cost value on utility unit. Correct assessment of analysis results may increase effectiveness of health care budget allocationand reveal more effective and appropriate treatment alternatives. All stages of cost-utility analysis and decision making algorithm are presented in the article.

Russian Studies 

13-16 639

results of clinical trials demonstrate that selective vitamin D receptor agonist paricalcitoldecreases proteinuria in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hyperparathyreosis.

18-23 667

treatment of pregnant women with syphilis, and also members of their families is carried out at the expense of budgetary funds. The economic estimation of expenses for treatment of pregnant women sick of syphilis and members of their families who also take place obligatory inspection and preventive treatment has been spent. Various elements of an expense for the medical and medicinal help are thus calculated.

24-26 597

the study presents a characteristic of new normative act prepared by the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense stating a normative standard of supplying an operative dentistry of military schools students with medications and materials. A practical use of the normative standard will allow increasing of efficiency of medical supply of students and improving their health state.

28-32 751

pharmacoeconomic study of treatment primary open-angle glaucoma with combinations of prostaglandin analogues and beta-blockers by mean of cost-efficacy and budget impact analysis. Results have shown, that Duotrav (travoprost+timolol) has benefits compare with Xalacom (latanoprost+timolol) from cost-efficacy perspective and can be claimed dominant. Futhermore Doutrav in comparison with Xalacom provides cost-saving and advantage in terms of budget impact analysis

Economic Review 

34-36 1247

Research of experience of the firm which is engaged in pharmaceutical business, has confirmed necessity of working out the scientifically-proved strategy of storekeeping by different groups of medicines. Instability of economy during the periods of crisis, instability of prices on pharmaceutical production and inflation generate risks, both for firm, and for its foreign partners. For the purpose of optimum strategy creation storekeeping of medicines is grouped by consumer properties, for each group demand is investigated and depending on features of demand optimum strategy of storekeeping with use of dynamic models, periodic and with critical level is developed. Efficiency is received at the expense of economy of operating assets, improvements of servicing and increase of attractiveness of pharmaceutical business for domestic and foreign partners-suppliers of production.

Drug Utilization 

37-39 642

Pharmacoepidemiologic study evaluating physicians’ indications in patients with history of myocardium infarction at hospital discharge indications as well as in outpatient treatment recommendations. The results were compared to previous IHD pharmacoepidemiology data of Russian Federation. It was shown that majority of patients with history of MI have received therapy referred to disease prognosis improvement.

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