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Pharmacoeconomic aspects of COVID-19 treatment

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The article provides an overview of global trends in various treatment approaches for COVID-19 in terms of pharmacoeconomic effectiveness. Different strategies for managing patients with the new coronavirus infection, separate groups of drugs are considered. The current clinical trials for COVID-19, the main directions, problems and challenges facing the healthcare system are discussed in detail. The aspects of the economic efficiency of various measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are presented. A thorough study of the pharmacoeconomic features of the new coronavirus infection will allow to develop effective standards for planning the process of supply for medical organizations in the pandemic.

About the Authors

I. V. Rogova
Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Russian Federation

Irina V. Rogova – Head of Department

RSCI SPIN-code: 3403-1923

20/1 Delegatskaya Str., Moscow 127473, Russia

E. A. Zhidkova
Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry; Central Directorate of Healthcare – branch of Russian Railways JSC
Russian Federation

Elena A. Zhidkova – MD, PhD, Tutor; Head

20/1 Delegatskaya Str., Moscow 127473, Russia

52а Malaya Gruzinskaya Str., Moscow 123557, Russia

I. A. Popova
Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Russian Federation

Inga A. Popova – MD, PhD, Doctoral Student

RSCI SPIN-code: 7619-7822

20/1 Delegatskaya Str., Moscow 127473, Russia

A. V. Zaborovskiy
Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Russian Federation

Andrey V. Zaborovskiy – Dr. Med. Sc., Associate Professor, Chief of Chair

WoS ResearcherID: Y-3653-2018; RSCI SPIN-code: 9592-2405

20/1 Delegatskaya Str., Moscow 127473, Russia

K. G. Gurevich
Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
Russian Federation

Konstantin G. Gurevich – Dr. Med. Sc., Professor, Chief of Chair

WoS ResearcherID: C-2071-2017; Scopus Author ID: 55197151600; RSCI SPIN-code: 4344-3045

20/1 Delegatskaya Str., Moscow 127473, Russia


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Rogova I.V., Zhidkova E.A., Popova I.A., Zaborovskiy A.V., Gurevich K.G. Pharmacoeconomic aspects of COVID-19 treatment. FARMAKOEKONOMIKA. Modern Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology. 2021;14(3):357-364. (In Russ.)

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