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Pharmacoeconomic feasibility of using the drug Hemangiol (propranolol, oral solution) in the treatment of proliferating infantile hemangioma requiring systemic therapy

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Aim. The study aimed to evaluate the pharmacoeconomic feasibility of propranolol application in the dosage form of the oral solution in the treatment of proliferating infantile hemangioma requiring systemic therapy.

Materials and methods. The study design was a retrospective analysis of the published data. The methods of pharmacoeconomic analysis included a clinical-economic analysis (cost-effectiveness analysis) with a sensitivity analysis; and a "budget impact" analysis with a sensitivity analysis. The authors compared the pharmacoeconomic effectiveness of pharmacotherapy for infant hemangiomas with propranolol and surgical methods of treatment.

Results. The efficacy of propranolol therapy was 39% higher than surgical methods of treatment. The relative increase in the efficacy of propranolol therapy compared to surgical treatments was 68.4%. At the same time, the cost of propranolol therapy was lower than the cost of surgical treatments by 31.7% or 56,486,07 RUR per patient per year. The application of propranolol in the treatment for proliferating infantile hemangioma allowed reducing the burden on the budget of the state guarantee program in comparison with surgical methods of treatment for 3 years by 1,562.0 million RUR with a proportion of 12% of patients with infant hemangiomas requiring systemic therapy (9,694 patients per year). The sensitivity analysis of the cost and effectiveness of the compared medical technologies showed that the obtained results are resistant to the fluctuations in these parameters in the range from − 20% to + 20%.

Conclusion. The application of propranolol preparation in a dosage form of oral solution for the treatment of patients with proliferating infantile hemangioma will significantly increase the efficiency of therapy and reduce costs associated with the application of surgical methods of treatment.

About the Authors

I. N. Dyakov
Scientific and Practical Center for the Study of the Problems of Rational Pharmacotherapy and Pharmacoeconomics; Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums named after I.I. Mechnikov
Russian Federation

Ilya N. Dyakov - MD, PhD in Biology, General Director, Scientific and Practical Center for the Study of the Problems of Rational Pharmacotherapy and Pharmacoeconomics; Head of the Laboratory of Immunoglobulin Biosynthesis; Leading Researcher, RIVS named after I.I. Mechnikov, Scopus Author ID: 25723245000; WOS Reseacher ID: K-2024-2018; RSCI SPIN-code: 1854-0958; eLIBRARY ID: 180423.

50, bld. 2 Aviamotornaya Str., Moscow 111024; 5A Malyy Kazennyy pereulok, Moscow 105044

S. R. Varfolomeеva
Federal State Budgetary Institution N.N. Blokhin National MedicaI Research Center or Oncology» or the Ministry of the Health of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Svetlana R. Varfolomeeva - MD, Dr Sci Med, Professor, Deputy Director for Scientific and Clinical Work - Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology of the Administrative Department, N.N. Blokhin NMRCO.

Kashirskoe shosse, 23, Moscow 115478


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Dyakov I.N., Varfolomeеva S.R. Pharmacoeconomic feasibility of using the drug Hemangiol (propranolol, oral solution) in the treatment of proliferating infantile hemangioma requiring systemic therapy. FARMAKOEKONOMIKA. Modern Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology. 2020;13(4):356-365. (In Russ.)

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