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Is it worthwhile rethinking the positive experience of the last 50 years of using chondroitin sulfates against atherosclerosis?

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Chondroitin sulfate (CS) and glucosamine sulfate (GS) are used in the treatment of osteoarthritis and exhibit a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. CS/GS inhibit the NF-kB signaling cascade, which realizes the biological effects of tumor necrosis factor (TNFa). Excessive activity of NF-kB also stimulates the development of atherosclerosis. The results of experimental and clinical studies show that inhibition of NF-kB by CS/GS will inhibit the formation and growth of atherosclerotic plaques also reducing levels of other markers of inflammation.

About the Authors

A. M. Lila
V.A. Nasonov Research Institute of Rheumatology
Russian Federation

MD, Dr Sci Med, Professor, Director

Scopus Autor ID: 6602550827; eLIBRARY ID: 367966; Researcher ID: W-3334-2017-7287-8555

34A Kashirskoye Shosse, Moscow 115522, Russia

I. Yu. Torshin
Federal Research Center “Informatics and Management of the Russian Academy of Sciences“
Russian Federation

MD, PhD, Senior Researcher; Big Data Storage and Analysis Center

Scopus Author ID: 7003300274; Author ID: 54104; WoS ResearcherID: C-7683-2018;

RSCI SPIN-code: 1375-1114  

44-2 Vavilova Str., Moscow 119333, Russia

O. A. Gromova
Federal Research Center “Informatics and Management of the Russian Academy of Sciences“; Moscow State University
Russian Federation

MD, Dr Sci Med, Professor, Senior Researcher, Scientific Director; Leading Researcher, Center for Big Data Analysis

Author ID: 94901; Scopus Author ID: 7003589812; WoS ResearcherID: J-4946-2017;

RSCI SPIN-code: 6317-9833

44-2 Vavilova Str., Moscow 119333, Russia

1 Leninskie gory, Moscow 119991, Russia


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Lila A.M., Torshin I.Yu., Gromova O.A. Is it worthwhile rethinking the positive experience of the last 50 years of using chondroitin sulfates against atherosclerosis? FARMAKOEKONOMIKA. Modern Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology. 2020;13(2):184-191. (In Russ.)

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