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This report addresses the ways of calculating QALY (Quality-adjusted life-year). OutsideRussia, a standardized methodology to calculate QALY is in use; such an approach makes it possible to apply this universal criterion of effectiveness to the evaluation of new health technologies. Its versatility enables better decision-making on financing the medical treatment within a limited budget. With this algorithm, the financial resources are allocated in such a way as to maximize the levels of QALY. InRussiato date, the use of QALY as a measure of drug effectiveness is not yet possible because of the lack of standardized calculating methods, as well as the absence of uniform tariffs for assessing the medical status of the patient in terms of health utility. Here, we present a number of methods for estimating the health utility, which are used to calculate the QALY, and describe advantages and disadvantages of these methods. 

About the Authors

N. Z. Musina
First Moscow State Medical Sechenov University of the Ministry of Health Russian Federation; Center of Expertise and Quality Control of Medical Care, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Musina Nuriya Zagitovna – PhD, lecturer of the Department of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Faculty First Moscow Medical Sechenov University; Chief of development and communications, Center of Healthcare Quality Assessment and Control, The Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. 

Address: ul. Trubetskaya, 8-2, Moscow, Russia, 119048

V. K. Fedyaeva
Center of Expertise and Quality Control of Medical Care, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation; Scientific and Research Financial Institute, Ministry of Finances
Russian Federation
Fedyaeva Vlada Konstantinovna – Researcher at the Center for Health Technology Assessment of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration; junior researcher at the Health Care Finance Center of the Research Financial Institute of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation


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For citations:

Musina N.Z., Fedyaeva V.K. THE USE OF QALY AS AN INTEGRAL MEASURE OF EFFECTIVENESS IN THE EVALUATION OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES. FARMAKOEKONOMIKA. Modern Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacoepidemiology. 2017;10(1):66-71. (In Russ.)

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